Tax Free Shopping

Tax Free Shopping

All our customers who have goods shipped outside the EU will have the VAT removed automatically at checkout. All our prices are shown including 20% VAT, so tax-free shoppers will be entitled to an automatic discount of approximately 16.5% (1-(1/1.20)=16.66%).

Please note that this does not affect the tax regulations of the destination country, and all such sales will be applicable to local tax laws upon arrival. This means that an additional customs duty or import tax may be payable when the goods arrive in the destination country.

Customs Duty and Import Tax Estimates

This information has not been verified and is given as a guide only. Please check with the authority in the destination country for more accurate information if required.

Importing charges are usually a combination of several different charges. We have given estimates of these charges wherever possible on a per-country basis.


United States of America

Total Charge Estimates

Package value under $200: $0

Package value over $200: $30 + customs duty

Customs Duty

The United States government charges customs duty on packages with a value over $200, packages under this value should be exempt from duty. The duty amount itself is usually very low (sometimes no duty is applied for eligible (dutiable) shipments) and varies depending on the type of item being imported.

Customs Broker Fees

Packages which are dutiable will have to go through customs, even if no duty is applied. Shipping companies will usually arrange this on your behalf and will either do this themselves, or appoint an agent to do it for you. The 'going rate' for such a service is about $30. This means that some packages will not have any duty applied, but the recipient will still have to pay approximately $30 to have the package put through customs. The United States has very strict import laws and most packages over $200 will have some kind of duty payable by the recipient. Please contact us if you have your own customs agent.

More information can be found here.



Total Charge Estimates

$30 customs broker fee + customs duty + import tax

Customs Duty

Specifics unknown. Exact duty rate will depend on type of item being imported.

Import Tax

The Canadian government charges a 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on most imports - this is calculated after customs duties have been applied. Packages may also be applicable for a Canadian Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Quebec Sales Tax (QST) - these taxes will vary depending on the destination province.

Customs Brokers Fees

Specifics unknown. Estimate $20-40.