Pewter Care

Read below for some useful tips about how to look after your pewter. Find out what will harm your pewter vessels and should therefore be avoided.

What should I NOT put in Pewter Vessels?

You should not keep alcoholic drinks in pewter for more than 24 hours, and you should never put carbonated drinks in pewter vessels. Also avoid food stuffs such as citrus juice and types of salad dressings as these may stain.

You should always try to wash your pewter as soon as possible after use. See our helpful page on cleaning pewter.

Never put flowers or plants directly into a pewter vessel. Find a suitable glass or plastic container to set inside the pewter vessel.

As pewter melts at a relatively low temperature compared to other metals, pewter objects should never be placed inside an oven, on a hot plate or near a flame. It is also recommended they are not used for hot drinks such as tea, coffee or even hot toddy.