Personalised Tankard

Personalised Tankards

Personalising your tankard is the best way to make it a truly special gift. We offer an engraving service which allows you to put your own personal message on your tankard, or an image, a corporate logo, or even a clan crest!

A tankard being engraved with a personalised message

Text Engraving

Our text engraving service will allow you to portray your message in style. You can see even preview your message in the desired font as you type it in on the product page.

Clan Crest Engraving

Clan Crests are a great way to personalise your tankard. We have a gallery of over 140 clan crests which are ready to be engraved onto your tankard. You can add a clan crest to your tankard by selecting it from the dropdown list on the product page before adding it to your cart. If you don't see the crest you want, you can always upload your own via the image engraving option.

Image and Logo Engraving

If you want to personalise your tankard with an image engraving, you can do that too. Tankards which can be engraved with images have a 'Logo Engraving' option right underneath the text engraving option. Simply select the image from your computer and it will be uploaded automatically with your order.

See our Engraving Information for image specification.

Personalise Your Tankard

Whichever personalisation option you go for, adding your own special touch to your tankard will ensure it's a gif that will be remembered. Don't forget, most of our tankards come with optional presentation boxes to ensure it looks great when it's handed over.