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Spotted in the Village Urban Resorts

Take a look at these lovely new bars popping up all over the country. Take another look and see our tankards used as decoration within the bars.


We’ve been working with Village Urban Resorts on a number of their new builds and refurbishments. Our tankards can be seen hanging up in the bars to help give their sports bars the authentic pub feel.


Our pewter tankards are all handmade in Sheffield as they have been by craftsmen for generations. The tankard is an iconic and traditional item which is a must for any bar decoration. A number of our customers purchase their own tankard for use within their local, again contributing to an age old tradition.

Top 5 Tankards for…. Coming of Age Gifts

Turning 18 or 21 is a momentous occasion. For many this will be the time when they will be considered a grown up, and be allowed to share a drink legally with their friends and family.

A tankard makes a traditional gift and by adding personalisation, you’ll be giving a gift that will be used and treasured for a lifetime.

1. The traditional “Key to the door” is attached as a fancy handle on this tankard. Available in 18th and 21st options. EPC-EP0112. This 1 pint tankard has a key with number as an embellishment. A way to make your gift memorable. EPC-EP038

3. Happy 21st Birthday…. This tankard has the perfect space in the scroll for adding a name and even a date. EPC-TS319

4. Available for 18th and 21st Birthday. This classic tankard can also be sold plain, all allowing for extra engraving. This is the tankard to share that special message. WEN-A29918S

5. Looking for something a little different? This glass tankard can be personalised with any number, a name and a date.


New Products Added: Gothic Tankards

We’ve added a number or Gothic style tankards to our collection that would be ideal for Halloween. Ranging from the scary (for me!) zombified tankard to the dragon skull coaster tankard.

TKR005 (2)

These would be such a talking point at a Halloween party. We suggest finding a great pumpkin beer (See our pinterest page for inspiration) to fill them with.

TKR004 (1)

Many of these designs are inspired by Gothic and fantasy styles. They make a great addition to any tankard collection.



“Get it Fast” with same day dispatch

We know that often you’re pushed for time or have to find a suitable gift at short notice. An engraved tankard should take no more than 10 working days to dispatch. However we’re often able to make these up and send out a lot sooner.

We’ve gone a step further and have created a range of items that can be dispatched the same day as the order is placed, or within 2-3 working days, including engraved items.

Out top ten tankards are now available with “Get it fast”. Just order before 1pm and we’ll ensure this is sent out the same day.

Click here to view the “Get it Fast” items


A further 127 tankards are available for dispatch within 2-3 days, which means we can often meet a tight deadline.

Click here to view the full range of fast dispatch items

Our introduction of “Get it Fast” items means that we can now meet a tight deadline. You can also select tracked delivery, in this case we’ll use Royal Mail Special Delivery or a courier service so that the order is received the next day.

Have you experienced our fast dispatch? Let us know your thoughts.

The Tankard’s Return

What happened to the days when after an honest day’s work, a man barged into his local pub and demanded a tankard of the finest ale? Well, they’ve gone. There’s no such thing as an honest day’s work, and if you barge into a pub, you’re likely to be shamefully sent outside. It was during the late seventies and early eighties that drinkers rebelled against tankards. Customers wanted their drinks served in a straight glass, and not a ‘jug’.

But trendy pubs throughout Britain’s major cities are now looking to revive the tankard. There’s been a resurgence in the popularity of ale recently, and urban haunts are looking more and more like village pubs. So as well as wanting to sit in front of a cosy fire, surrounded by authentic antiques, punters want to drink ‘real’ ale out of ‘real’ tankards.

A tankard of ale

Andrew Ford, manager of the Young’s-owned Hand in Hand pub on London’s Wimbledon Common, agrees with his customers. ‘There is definitely an element of nostalgia about a proper pint jug,’ he says, because ‘they are seen as retro-cool yet comforting and traditional, reflecting the return to more traditional pub values.’ Andrew also believes that the practical considerations are great, as ‘Tankards are easier to hold if you are standing in a pub and chatting. A pint jug also keeps the beer cooler for longer, because you are not holding the actual glass in your hand.’ (source)

But why stop at drinking out of a tankard in the pub? Get your very own personalised number, and extend tradition to the home. You never know, you might even set a trend if you flaunt it next weekend. For tankards of all shapes, sizes and designs, just browse through our categories.

A Tankard of History

Before the Victorian era, tankards were made from pewter, most commonly with glass bottoms, and occasionally with lids, like the German stein. Served at public and ale houses across Britain, the tankard is a symbol of the everyman’s history. Numerous quirks, trivia and legends abound regarding what was once a familiar sight in this country.

Pewter tankards, much to the dismay of contemporary publicans, used to contain high quantities of lead, which caused lead poisoning and gout in those who supped from them. The lead poisoning was worst in areas of high-cider intake, as the acidic quality inherent in cider leached into the lead. Clay tankards were very quickly made once this problem was identified!

Lead poisoning wasn’t the only thing to fear in a public house of yesteryear by any stretch. The glass bottom of the traditional tankard has two purposes, according to the legend. The first was, believe it or not, to ensure that you weren’t accidentally (and against your will) conscripted into the army. If a recruiter bought you a pint in those days, and slipped a shilling into the bottom of it, accepting the pint was accepting the ‘King’s shilling’ meaning you had been successfully recruited into the army. This is, of course, where the expression ‘taking the King’s shilling’ originated. The second, and slightly less historically centred, reason for the glass bottom of a tankard was purportedly so you could see a fight coming through your glass…

You’ll be pleased to hear that modern tankards are now made from lead free pewter, and can be personalised and engraved in many cases, making them the perfect gift. In keeping with tradition, these personalised tankards can be gifted to someone to commemorate a special day, such as a 21st or a graduation. Many people opt to have them made in memory of a beloved deceased. For a real piece of British history, you’ll find that the answer lies at the bottom of a pint.

January Specials

Save up to 10% on a large range of tankards with our January Specials.  We’ve included over 70 of our most popular items in our January Specials including, Celtic tankards, glass tankards and Scottish tankards.

All of our specials can be viewed here, but our top 3 picks are below;

10% OFF 1 Pint Lager Tankard

10% OFF 1/2 Pint Georgian Pewter Tankard

10% OFF 1 Pint Glass bottom Tankard

10% OFF 1 Pint Lager Tankard


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16oz Stainless Steel Tankard

We’ve added a new tankard to our extensive collection of nearly 400 tankards. It’s our first stainless steel tankard and is available in a 16oz capacity. 16oz is a little smaller than our standard tankard capacity of 20 ounces, or 1 pint. However, it’s stocky shape gives it a very attractive appearance, and it’s slightly smaller size just means it’ll easily fit a bottle of beer, but not quite a full pint of ale! You can get more information on tankard capacity here.

I’m confident that this will be one of our most popular tankards – it’s competitively priced, looks great and has optional engraving so that you can personalise your gift to give it that extra-special flavour.

Most of our tankards are hand made in the UK with high quality pewter. The craftsmanship that goes into their construction is to a very high standard and we hope to expand on this in the next few months with some photos of the manufacturing and engraving processes. It always amazes me to see how these products are made – particularly when they are still made virtually entirely by hand, right on our door step! There’s not much manufacturing that still takes place in the UK and we’re proud to still be here.

Most stainless steel products are made in Asia and then imported into the UK. Due to this, we are able to offer the 16oz stainless steel tankard at a great price of only £14.69! As with all our products, bulk discounts are available for large orders.

Stainless steel is a harder metal than pewter, so should keep it’s shape a bit better over time. Pewter is more malleable so can become misshapen or dented if not cared for properly. However, stainless steel is much more resistant to this kind of problem, and should last better if being thrown about a bit more. If you want more information on how to care for your pewter products check out our pewter care page.